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Salty Air Blouse

Salty Air blouse is subtle and delicate like a spray of sea water when a wave crashes into the shore. Tiny hook closures are reminiscent of the lingerie and create an intimate nuance.


Salty Air blouse can be worn with an oversized deep V-neck sweater with slightly rolled sleeves to showcase the cuffs with ties, worn on its own, or combined with an intricate and fine undergarment.


Select between black and silver hooks. This top goes well with beige / brown and gray neutrals, as well as with dark navy and black, and choosing black closure hooks might provide a better color support for especially dark bottoms, while silver hooks will emphasize airiness and neutrality.


The fabric is 100% cotton with a slightly crinkled texture and dotted light gray vertical stripes on a light blue background that accentuate the texture and add volume to it.

Salty Air Blouse

Hook closure
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