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Death Practices

If you had a chance to notice how fast 3D space that is hosting us is moving along the time axis, you probably got somewhat concerned realizing that the perspective of a physical end is pretty distinguishable in the future.

Fearing death means fearing life. Life in all its vivid embodiments and expressions. Life with all its dynamic changes, offers, and surprises. Life in all living creatures. Life in death.

When we encounter anything new and unknown, there is an element of overcoming. Often, the best discipline is to take a step into it. Embrace the adrenaline wave and die in your previous quality to reincarnate on the other side of the event, of your new decision. This is Death Practice #1.

Death Practice #2. Detach yourself from the strings that manipulate your emotions and prevent you from drifting towards the events prepared for your perfected, fixed self. Die in an obedient, primitive quality and lift up to the space of the creative freedom where your mind will be only serving your grand purpose. This is challenging because it is associated with patterns and attachments to dysfunctional events and relationships. To ease the transition, you will need to weigh your life options in a face of Death. This will be Practice #3.

Touch your scull, your neck, sense your pulse, notice your breath, go down and press on your stomach. feel the organs operating inside there. Understand how vulnerable your flesh is. How much care and attention it needs to either spend its resource fighting with dissatisfaction and destruction or to get invested in following the path of mind and creation. Appreciate the effort that your only and irreplaceable body has to put towards overcoming something to possibly be constantly rewarded with sole dissatisfaction while approaching the end of its healthy operation cycle. Then look at the option of coming to agreement and alignment with your body. The first level comfort will be associated with new parasympathetic nervous system's reactions on your decisions and life choices. The later experiences will include two-way communication with the body, which will be similar to intuition. You will become a multidimensional machine that is hypersensitive and hyperfunctional, unless you waste your resource towards meaningless fluctuations in the bound and attached space. Recognize that your flesh will decay and you are responsible for decelerating or accelerating this process by choosing to embrace or neglect the idea of an imminent death.

Always keep in mind the feeling of your own finiteness (to whom it may concern, at least in our Earthy human form) to become infinite in your mind.

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