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Applied Art

While mind has quick reactions to the increasing amount of stimuli, the subconscious and physical components of a human are more inert to the changing environments and conditions of the informational space. We have been observing the rise of various spiritual movements and popularity of the rituals that essentially help a person to feel grounded and more easily adapt their physical and mental state to the rapidly increasing information exchange speed. Some of us seek an immediate contact with nature finding the senses and powers in it, for some doing rituals with objects helps finding balance and connection to the roots.

Regardless of the method an individual might choose, there is an artistic component to it. That is why, art in any approachable form can be the adaptation to the turbulence of the world. Art is grounding and connecting our minds to the material world while conveying the ideas and understanding of harmony. It also can be a tool for connecting the active mind with subconscious vision. On the one hand, the artistic products can be consumed, but it is even better to attempt creating something by yourself. The main benefits of bringing artistic activity to your life are improved connection between the brain and the rest of the body and development of feeling of harmony and patience. It can serve as a meditation that produces a material object in the end which can be more satisfactory than the inner work. Being connected to the sensual world of arts also helps with improving the intuition as it exercises the mind in conjunction with the entire scope of the available body experiences and knowledge.

Creating an art piece can be a profound training or rehearsal of any other event in life. The process of independent creation. involves thinking about the subject, planning the resources and spatial arrangements, and then, most importantly, detachment from the idea of creation followed by the implementation of the plan.

I would highly recommend including some component of creation in your life as it is a versatile tool for balancing the conscious and subconscious, as well as it is associated with learning about nature of things and education.

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