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As you might notice, most of the bodies in my artworks are bare. My parents' apartment has multiple interior works (produced by me, of course) that as well contain "explicit content". It used to scandalize some of the visitors who would mention how unhealthy of mine it was and that it could damage the mentality of my younger brother... Furthermore, there was a global hysteric movement in association with Russian church that was claiming unacceptability of showing genitals and other attributes of sex in arts including antique-style statues erected throughout the cities in earlier centuries.

What is not fine is to subconsciously cut off sexual identity body parts from the human's physiology framework and believe that they are molded by Devil with the most malevolent intention. This in turn generates fairly ugly phenomena. A dirt of sexual identity and sensuality results, for instance, in a Madonna/Whore complex in men towards women and its symmetrical form in females towards men. This leads to the potential partners being divided into the category of those to admire and treat "seriously" based on their benevolence and decency and those bad enough to use for fulfilling the demonic and dirty, animalistic, primitive, aggressive instinct. The duality in the perception of a human also leads to the objectivism of the sexuality and lack of the intimate intelligence with pretty traumatic social consequences (perversions, anxiety, narrow-minded beauty standards, family conflicts, loneliness, etc.).

To oppose the physical illiteracy, beauty of a healthy and functional human body needs to be demonstrated by means of arts (photography, fine arts, performing arts), It should be available for everybody and should be offered for admiration rather than judgement. In contrast to the marketable sexuality with a flavor of vulgarity prevailing in social networks, the aesthetics of a naked body needs to be relieved from the stigma and tied to the intelligence. It should go beyond a sexual framework as our sensuality is connected to a whole variety of tactile experiences as we are capable of responding to cold, heat, touch, pain, emotional stimuli.

Our naked state is a baseline condition. It is a symbol of unity with the origin, with the nature, with others. There is no reason a Creator you worship would make it shameful or non-decent. It is a societal game that proclaims it something derogatory. And only provides us protection from the ambient factors and serves as an additional tool for self-expression. It is a supplementary form of art.

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