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If you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, the following passage is for you.

The path is long and arduous. This is done for us to get gradually adapted to the weight of the responsibilities and freedoms that come with an increase in income. We are raised being happy on little means. At the same time, our poor childhood made us crave for more and to have an ability to dream bright. Lack of the external resources stimulates imagination developing the most powerful mind that is capable of focusing the efforts on the goals and on finding solutions in the most resourceful and efficient ways. We know that our value is always within us and not on us or around us. There is a tremendous patience and peace that is achieved through the decades-long ascetic life. We know that money itself does not have a huge value, it comes and goes, and when it is on the lower end of the curve, it is not a big deal, it only means the subsequent growth. Essentially, we know that we only need enough to be free. We do not clutter our lives and preserve high mobility to be fluid and adaptable to any life turbulence. Knowing the insides of crises, we are ready to face anything and help others to withstand hardship because we know that we can. Emotionally, we are capable of living above zero because any discomfort is our baseline, zero state, while any improvement is much more appreciated than if we were not well familiar with that zero. A long-term discomfort trained a huge stamina in us and gave us enough push and energy to grow rapidly and through the massive obstacles (you have a good feel for it if you are familiar with quantum physics and particle tunneling through the barrier problem). In the moments of vulnerability we always know that there is a way out and that is the best solution to sleep over the problem to face it with no emotional fog in the mind.

We have the most powerful engines to build and own our lives. At the same time, we know that the only thing in the world we have is ourselves. There is nothing to lose, except for our conscience and will, and as long as we own them we are unbreakable. Other stuff is feathers.


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