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Healthy Ego World (Brief Quasi-Philosophical Essay)

Preface: the description of the healthy ego world is in the paragraph #3.

When we realize how ridiculous it is to revolve our lives and efforts around the well-established standards, the whole new era will begin. I need to be more clear. The abovementioned well-established standards are, for example, to hit a certain level of income, to get married at a certain age, to have 1, 2, 3 children by the age N, to save up for your 1 - 3 kids' education, retire, die. My vision of life, and especially of what defines its major value, is different and I have been very fortunate to find people who share that view point, however, it would be blissful to meet more and more followers of the similar belief. (Sounds like a new church around the corner brochure, huh?).

The necessity to fulfill the standards comes from an inner ignorance. We are all given a powerful tool, our EGO, to meet our creative self and to nurture it. Basically, we get pleasure and comfort feeding our ego with self-realization, that is a manifestation of the creative beginning. When the ego is satisfied with creation there is no need to seek for the supplementary boosters (i.e., social approval, belonging to a group, being masculine/feminine, etc.). The larger your ego is the more potential you have to connect with other people, which I define as a major goal of creation. Instead, we habitually tend to treat our ego in a perverted way. We do not use the ego/creation mechanism and it is getting rusty and stiff. It requires that essential cooperative motion, exercise and we just put fixtures and bandaids over it (i.e., superficial sh-t). Feeling urge to have a quick fix for the ego's discomfort, we seek the pretty over the beautiful, so to speak. We compete with each other, we manipulate, we do things that do not correlate with our inner source of light. It is globally disharmonious.

What I feel happy with is when we can feel a global belonging, when the individuals' egos are serving the purpose of bringing light to each other. In this case, we can say out loud what we are and what really defines us. We can freely list all of our insecurities and strengths not feeling sorry or proud. We can be open about the things we love. We are looking at the world both from within and from an observer point of view. Our mind is extended outwards from the enclosed box surrounded by artificial hazards, dangers, greed, and judgement (by the way, an existence of judgement is enabled only by the judged individual, as it is a highly subjective phenomenon). We then can be a part of the global system that senses the nature and origin of being.

I cannot explain it better in words (my reader, I would really like to invite you for a cup of tea and just connect). This essay might sound like an epic compilation of the modern esoteric teachings, but I don't care. Apparently, these teachings get acknowledged too slowly and still do not cover enough audience, so I am willing to make my modest contribution to this library of Instagram-diva stock wisdom. To summarise, figure out an organic path to your ego and get independent from the stigma, mediocre normality, and time/money metered life. AF.


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