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My personal evaluation of an art piece relies on feeling a nerve in it, some acute, passionate desperation to express a sensation, to relieve the suffocation of a person who felt overly sentimental looking at or dreaming of a beauty and freedom. (Too epic, I know, but this happens when one tries to explain their feelings in words.) Alternatively, I love when I meet the art that is done by a person seeing the aesthetics I see, but still surprises me with the undertones and nuances. But this is me. The question for a general audience is: What can impress a person exposed to the broad range and variety of arts? At the same time, what has not appeared in the arts yet? (I am leaving digital arts with their endless capabilities that are coming into being aside for now, it us just an extra dimension for me.) We went through the stage of admiring and replicating nature, as well as religious and documentary arts before the technology was developed. In 19th century, we married art and marketing, we applied a "sex sells" law. (I consider flesh and other biology to be related to sex category.) We researched ourselves and reached the climax of EMPTINESS exploiting a form and trying to squeeze in some "deep, socially hot" meanings. This, actually, applies to most of things that surround us. I cannot justify it, unless it is performed and reciprocated humorously. I realize that I can film myself painting an elephant that is under extinction using my private body parts while menstruating and this all to some cacophony of sounds including the screams of the slaughtered animals, and resonate because of that (you can implement this idea, by the way, just reference me, I in general have a bunch of performance ideas), but it somehow conflicts with my vision because it would be an overly hysterical attitude a-la "lookatme". These thoughts are related to my recent acute sensation that our world craves harmony. It feels like the planet has accumulated so mush tension! And I am not sure if this can ever get peacefully relieved. Does anyone feel the same lately?


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