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Personal Story Put in 25 Randomized Facts

  1. I am 26 years old (my voice though sounds like I am 5).

  2. I came to the U.S. in 2016 alone. It was my first time going to the American continent. None of my close friends and relatives visited the U.S.

  3. I have a Bachelors degree in Physics (double major with Math) from Moscow State University.

  4. I am going for a Ph.D. degree in Engineering (since 2017... there also was a fun episode from 2016 to 2017 that also could be called graduate school in Nebraska).

  5. I have been painting since I was 2.

  6. I finished School of Fine Arts with excellence after 5.5 years of studies being qualified as an academic artist.

  7. When I was 5, I started seriously pursuing a ballet career preparing for entering a famous ballet group and at the age of 8 my mom had to choose whether I should have continued attending a normal school or quit it and go to a professional dancing school because my teacher was strongly insisting on it. I stayed in a school with concentration in math and sciences.

  8. Despite p. 7, I have been maintaining flexibility since I quit dancing professionally. I am honestly happy about such outcome because education gives much more freedom and many more opportunities for development.

  9. My parents in fact divorced when I was 4 because my father got associated with some bandits, gambling, and who knows what. I for some reason enjoyed the fact that they divorced and it felt like an adventure. (I would encourage people to divorce if they are unhappy with each other, but have kids. Trust me, kids will be supportive of that.)

  10. My mom and I had to leave the city because of p. 9. Neither of us have visited it again. It actually find visiting places that gave you lots of bright memories a bit undesirable because memories are often more vivid and sensually enhanced.

  11. I was a part of a school theater. I was a Witch in "Sleeping Beauty" and a Death Angel in some performance about drugs.

  12. I love singing and performing on stage.

  13. At the age of 8, I had a whole album of songs recorded.

  14. I actually was taking vocal classes for 2 years.

  15. I don't understand cat owning (unless it is a grumpy cat), even though cats often love me, but it is a one-sided feeling. Sorry cats.

  16. Consequentially, I've always owned dogs. I respect large, smart dogs, but they are too much of responsibility, smell, saliva, and sometimes fur, so I would go for small breeds.

  17. My go-to destination is Italy, however, I really want to explore the U.K. and France (Paris is adorable, but I would also want to see less cliche places). The U.K. appeals me a lot with its dark-grey-coat mood and mild summer.

  18. I don't drink alcohol since 2018. And I never was drunk.

  19. I never tried any psychoactive things other than alcohol.

  20. I never tried smoking.

  21. At the age of 13, I saw Rihanna's "Disturbia" music video and asked my mom to cut my hair like Rihanna's. Since then, I had various short haircuts for 7 years. It felt incredible, but cold and also was too much against my body's nature (don't believe those who say that short hair requires less care than long!!). I needed to dye it, wash it every day, style it, cut every 3 weeks, and pray every day that the ambient humidity is 0% with minor error bars.

  22. I cannot ride bicycle....and car. I only can ride horse and donkey.

  23. At one point I became so fascinated with flying that I wanted to become a pilot to be able to fly a small plane.

  24. I love traditional silk painting (using molten wax applied with a special copper pipe as a protection), but it is one of the things that I love, but do not do. One day I want to make a series of wearable and highly impractical silk garments.

  25. I don't understand how people come up with the lyrics to the modern songs.


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